Monday, June 2, 2008

To Make...

I am on a diet.  I must loose the pudge I was blessed with to carry Aviva.  Sadly, now that Aviva is a real person, there is no purpose for the pudge.  

But that won't stop me from looking and lusting after food.  So here are some links of recipes I WILL make once I get rid of this last 10 pounds.

Crash potatoes

This is a living list.  I will add to it whenever I am tempted.


Carolyn Hansen said...

I'm pregnant so I am definitely going to make those potatoes!!! I'll lose the pudge later...;)

sterlingandbrandi said...

Hey we made this "light" recipe and LOVE it. here's the address: Also I will email you this recipe for "light" coconut curry that Ster tore out of a magazine at the doctors office 3 years ago that is also SO good.