Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Presidents Day Brunch

Here's why I love Presidents day: you forget about it.  There's no anticipation and then suddenly you realize, "Hey!  I have Monday off!"  Unless you are my 3 year old ex-neighbor, Aida.  Last year she invited us over for breakfast to celebrate and we each got to wear a different president's hat.  We all looked dashing in our three corner GW hats and Honest Abe top hats.  I believe her mom got to wear a Martha Washington bonnet.  So this post is for you Aida.  If you were here I would make you this breakfast on President's Day.

And just down the street from Aida is today's guest chef, Marianne Viray.  That's right, of panini fame.  She is my cooking kindred spirit.  Marianne and her husband James have traveled all over the world and today she is going to share one of her favorite  international food finds.


Kristin Mulrooney said...

Aida was smiling ear to ear when I read her this blog. When I finished she asked 'Do you think Max can come again for George's birthday? Pretty please. Just for a little while.' Our celebration won't be the same without you guys (although the menu will be more sophisticated thanks to you and Marianne!)

sterlingandbrandi said...

Hey I seem to remember you having a delicious savory crepe recipe, that was maybe served at a talent night? Anyway, I have a bunch of extra crepes that I need to do something with so I was hoping you could email me or post the recipe 9if it exists) Thanks!