Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Panini Monday

My dear friend Marianne introduced me to the panini.  And changed my life forever more.  Marianne used to live right across the pond from me.  We had two important things in common: love of food and husbands who were never home for dinner.  This led to many shared meals.  We made dinner for each other at least once a week.  And even better, every week we would try a new sandwich for lunch on "Panini Monday."  Or Panini Tuesday, or Wednesday or Thursday really.  We ate a lot of Paninis.

Then I moved (tears).  But this week I found a new Panini friend:  Elizabeth.  Here is our first attempt - and tribute to Marianne.



Mar said...

Sigh. Can I come over for Panini Tuesday? I can be there in, oh, 9 hours if I drive all night.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah for panini mondays! We should do a better job, my house next week (or maybe on tuesday instead)