Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Q & A

My friend Debbie is hosting Bunko at her house next week and wanted an idea for a "fresh, yummy, easy spring-ish dinner."  My first thought was, does it feel "spring-ish" in other parts of the country?  Really?  I'll still be making stew well into April here in Michigan.  

I've gotten over my jealousy however, and here is my recommendation.  I would make this Zesty Spring Salad and this Sun-Dried tomato quiche recipe.  If you want a little more you could throw in an appetizer.  I would bake some brie, top it with a jar of cranberry chutney, and serve it with crusty bread.  If you want a lot more, you could get a half or a quarter of a ham and some good mustards (honey, chipotle, etc.) to eat with it. 

I wish I was going to be there!  (For the food... not so much the Bunko :)

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Natalie said...

Both of those recipes sound SO GOOD right now as my crocuses are peeking through the dirt.

I'm SO picking up some kiwis tonight!