Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Before the Summer Ends

I wanted to get this menu out there before the summer ends and while tomatoes and peaches are so stinkin' delicious.  And I should say, the chicken marinade just may change your life forever.  


Aly said...

I'm really trying to be a better cook and your recipes are so helpful, but mostly I just want to come eat at your house every week! One question, does Max eat most of this stuff or do you have to make him something else too? I'm finding my girls have very plain and very particular tastes.

Kristin said...

No, he generally does not eat what I make for dinner, but I refuse to make him anything else (except on really bad days when all I can handle is silence). I keep thinking eventually he'll give in and learn to like it, but so far no luck. I keep making food I like because as you know, it's a fairly large factor in my attitude for the day :)