Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here's an old stand by.  A spaghetti dinner is great for a weeknight meal.  This is my favorite way to do it.


I double the spaghetti sauce and freeze it in batches.  It makes throwing this dinner together a cinch.  And of course you can always use pre-made, frozen garlic bread, but if you're feeling a little wild and crazy, make your own.  

As for the salad, you have to understand that my mom is the queen of fancy salads.  We start every Sunday dinner off with one.  And while we're all enjoying the delectable combination of sweet or savory flavors, my little brother (and by little I mean 6"4, 26 year old man) is grubbin' on his ice berg lettuce, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, croutons and ranch dressing.

So we make fun of him, but the truth is, I'm not scared to recommend a little Garrett's Salad to all of you.  It's pretty good.  And easy.

Except the ice berg lettuce.  Yuck.  Use romaine.  


sterlingandbrandi said...

I really like this logo too. Who is doing them for you? Also Ster sends his condolences on todays game. (I think he's kind of gloating though)

Kristin said...

Shauri is doing them. She had no idea how to do them and just decided to try it out. Amazing, huh?