Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book Club

This week I'm posting a great menu for hosting book club.  Or Bunko.  Or any other excuse you have for getting together with your girlfriends.

So in honor of book club and girlfriends, I'm dedicating this menu to Andrea Strong.  Or "Fun Andrea" as I like to refer to her to Abram.  

Andrea and I were in the same book club in Virginia.  I was still fairly new and the night I hosted at my house only three people showed up.  I know, so sad.  Well, it turned out to be the best book club night ever because Andrea and I became friends.  Fast forward to more than a year later when I was feeling like "The Opposite of Fun Kristin" and Andrea cured me of my ails by taking me out three nights in a row until I had fun oozing out of me.  

So here's to book club and girlfriends and staying out way too late.


1 comment:

Crazyloca said...

Thanks for the compliment!! I don't feel quite
as fun here in TX...I think I left my groove in VA...just gotta get it back. Can't wait to try the menu on my next party!!