Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Is it weird that I'm already planning on how to use my leftovers from Christmas?  Well, I am.  We always have a ham for dinner and this is what I'm going to make the day after.  But you can make it tomorrow if you like.  

The key to being able to throw a panini together is having a tasty dressing on hand.  One of my favorites is Cranberry Chutney from Honey Baked Ham.  Unfortunately, it's only available during the Christmas and Easter, so  getcher cranberry chutney this holiday season folks.

This Honeycup mustard is also a favorite:

For dessert there's a recipe from this week's guest chef, Melanie Gunnell from the ever popular My Kitchen Cafe.  She probably doesn't need much of an introduction since I've spied a link to her blog on dozens of your own blogs, but she is a super mom with 3 little boys and one more on the way.  Isn't there a special place in heaven for moms with all boys?  If there is, she's got her spot reserved.  Oh, and did I mention she's a baking genius?  Check out her Caramel Apple Pie below.  



Melanie said...

Ha! I hope I have a reserved spot in heaven, although that is probably doubtful. Thanks for letting me guest post on your blog. I love the panini ideas - here's my question - do you have an official panini grill or do you fake it with a grill pan?? I really, really want to make more paninis but I don't have an official grill. Your pointers would be apprecited.

Kristin said...

I have a panini press, but you can always put the sandwich in a frying pan over medium heat and then put a heavy skillet on top to press it down. Then you'd have to flip it over to cook both sides. You wouldn't get the grill marks, but it would still be tasty!

Ali said...

yum the recipes sound delicious!

Gary said...


I was reading your comments on left-overs and am always excited about what I can convert the holiday ham or turkey into. Growing up my Jewish mom would often make a fresh ham and I would take what was left and make ham salad for my Italian father, while not all that innovative my father and I always really enjoyed it.

There are a few ingredients that I really like to combine with fresh ham fom a really great flavor and texture profile. Try mixing dijon or grain mustard and mayonaise together for the "dressing." I love the way mustard and ham really compliment one another. You can include dried cranberries (or cut grapes), green onion, toasted pine nuts, and the obvious items like celery as well. You can serve this salad as the filling for a Pannini, in a lettuce wrap, as the center of a green salad etc.

The same philosophy applies to left over turkey as well except I really like to make a cranberry mayo as the dressing.

Kristin said...

Gary! You just made my day commenting on my food blog. Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to try it out.

Divine Diva In NC said...

We are crazy about Honeycup too. It sure has gone up in price, though.