Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I could not be more excited for this week's post.  Not only to share some delicious recipes, but because for the first time ever, You Got Served is having a Guest Chef!  

I decided a while ago that dessert just isn't my thing.  Let me clarify, eating dessert is definitely my thing, making dessert - not so much.  So I have been recruiting Guest Chefs to help make my menus complete.  

This week's Guest Chef is Janie Ward.  We both attended a party when I first moved back to Michigan and she brought this dish.  I decided then and there that we must be friends.  Luckily, she didn't mind, and look at us now.  The magic of food.  

Okay, back to business.  This week I decided to share a Halloween menu, which to me, means chili.  Halloween is such a crazy busy day and night, chili is the perfect dinner to serve.  So here are my two very favorite chili recipes (have you ever used avocado as a garnish for your chili?  Do it.  Do it right now.) and Janie's pumpkin cake for dessert.  



Jill said...

I am very impressed with your guest
chef, she must be on awesome cook!! Thanks for sharing her talents and bring her back for more! (I'm not a relative or anything) :)

Janie said...

OK Kristin, which one of these Chilis will win at the ward chili cook off?

Kristin said...

Oooh, good question. Maybe we should each do one and how they fare. Wanna?

Jessica said...

Hey Kristin, what a fun blog! I have to post a link to the best vegetarian chili recipe!

Quick Veg chili with avocado salsa